Choosing a Blog Title

The Bloggings of a Crazy-Loving, Missional, South-East Asian Gamer with Links to Extremism.  

That was my original choice for a blog title.  It described all that I wanted to communicate and some.

On crazy-loving because we were intrinsically created to experience a deep, profound, and insane love from our Creator…Yahweh, the God of heaven and earth.

On mission because we as followers of Christ are called to fulfill our Biblical mandate of reaching the nations and bringing all peoples to a saving knowledge of Him.

On things Asian because we are unique in our perspectives, diverse in our ethnicities and have much more to offer than egg rolls, chop-sticks and kung-fu.

On gaming cause the analogies of saving the world from imminent destruction from evil alien races are just too good to pass up.

On extremism because it takes certain types of crazed individuals to move from theory into practice and live your life as a world Christian.

But all the advice about creating blogs suggests one to remain focused on one theme…so The Asian Rough Rider it is.  The explanation of this title deserves  a write-up of its own.  For now check out the poster and you may have a clue.

The Original Rough Riders

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