Resurrecting Rough Riders

The resurrection of Jesus is going to be remembered this weekend. I figure it’s about time to resurrect this blog. So why use Rough Riders as a title?

Rough Riders

In 1994 a song called “Regulate” was released by Warren G. and Nate Dogg. In a tale of loyalty and respect, Nate Dogg raps about retaliating on the busta’s who try and jack his homie Warren G.  It’s a classic rhythm and gangsta melody that any contemporary thug would know. “Regulators, mount up!”  But it goes deeper…

In 1988 a Wild West adventure called “Young Guns” was released.  In it, a posse of bad ass cowboys, led by Billy the Kid, goes after the rancher responsible for the murder of their mentor.  From the movie, “We regulate any stealing of his property and we damn good too. But you can’t be any geek off the street. You gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean, earn your keep.” These horse riding enforcers called themselves “Regulators”.  But it goes even deeper…

The original horse riding heroes were called Rough Riders. This was a military regiment commanded by Theodore Roosevelt in 1898 during the Spanish-American War. Before Roosevelt became president he recruited and led a diverse group of volunteers; cowboys, miners, law enforcement officials, and Native Americans. They participated in battles in Cuba, riding, shooting and charging across valleys to win the war.

Asian Rough Riders are not about revenge, respect, or riding while shooting a gun (although that would be sweet).  We are about transformation as the way Jesus “regulated”, through the power of his life, death, burial and resurrection. Kingdom transformation of entire peoples and cities does not happen through creative blogging or the power of social media. It happens when obedient individuals mount up and ride out against the enemy.

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