The Girl with Evil Spirits


Not long ago I was sitting in a thatched hut praying over a sixteen year old girl who was afflicted by demons. For more than 6 months she was bed-ridden and couldn’t walk. She is the only believer in her entire Animistic tribe. Her family has allowed her to “test” Jesus because nothing else worked – not even the local shamans could bring healing. The only condition was that she could not sleep in the same house as the family so they built a small thatched hut on the side for her to live in. The ancestral spirits can never mix with Jesus.

Towards the end I looked into the girls’ eyes and reminded her to put her complete trust in Jesus for healing. Her eyes spoke the truth. Her faith was genuine. Weeks later she steadily improved and can now walk.

Now you’re reading this and wondering, “Does this stuff actually happen in real life? Maybe in some remote tribe somewhere in the jungle…but here, in middle-upper class suburban U.S.A.?” The answer is yes. The power of God is real no matter where we are.

We already know that Asians have this unhealthy fascination with ghosts, spirits and demons, but let’s not forget that white people do too. In the West we clearly see a fascination with demonism from media and culture. Yet that experience is limited to retarded movies like; The Exorcism, Blair Nose Project, Paranormal Activity, and Ghost Hunters on Discovery Channel.

No matter what the disease or affliction we all need the power of God for healing. Whether it’s a medically documented bacterial infection that requires antibiotics, or an evil manifestation of a fallen territorial spirit…who gives a crap! The authority and power of Jesus is real and it’s being used to declare his glory and spread his message to the ends of the earth.

For me and where I live, I see the pages of the New Testament come to life on a weekly basis. It’s the reality I live in. It’s the reality Jesus lived in. What’s your reality?

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