Radical Faith is BS

Normal Faith

I love David Platt’s book, Radical. It’s taken the western church by storm and I resonate with anything that upsets the status quo – but the title can be a little misleading. There is no such thing as “radically” following Jesus. It’s only radical because we Christians are content with a surface level faith. Jesus doesn’t leave room for anything else but wholehearted commitment.

We have a Master who demands everything. His call to commitment requires the death of our dreams. He requires that we give up our plans, talents and ingenuity. He requires that we surrender our families, cars, jobs, Xbox’s and HDTV’s.  He wants our whole heart…and I’m still learning how to give mine up every day.

Why does Jesus want everything? Simply because He is worthy of everything.

God doesn’t want to throw away our dreams. He wants to redeem them for His namesake. The primary reason for our existence is the proclamation of the glory of God to the ends of the earth. This is the only mission that demands our full and urgent attention.

When it comes to following Jesus, obedience is the norm. Sacrifice, suffering and death are the norm. Platt’s book should have been titled, Normal.

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