Hunger (Spoken Word)

Spoken Word is meant to be SPOKEN. Reading it silently doesn’t do it justice. You can’t feel the words, hear the rhymes, listen to the inflections and see the emotions.

I’ve revised and now reposting this piece from a while back. I didn’t write this according to any type of poetic rules (cause I don’t know any) but it’s meant to invoke feeling while taking you on a narrative with a twist at the end.

Questions to consider: Who is this story really about? Which meeting is most significant? How is hunger portrayed? Where does the theme of mission begin?

Read, Speak, Live.

There once was a man who was hungry, and that hunger was impossible to gratify for what could possibly satisfy the human soul, whose sole escape is power and control, which inescapably leads to the end of the show.

The man stood exposed as the curtains rolled, no longer could he pose and no amount of exposition could fix his juxtaposition, for darkness and LIGHT cannot exist in the same existence.

That moment left him momentarily blind, on his knees, knee-deep in starvation, blindly reaching for his own salvation until a hand grasps his hand, a still-voice says “I AM the LAST and the FIRST and have that which you will never hunger or thirst”. 

That man met the SON OF MAN and in that exchange he was changed forever and never did he go back to the backwash of that inhospitable and quite formidable self-centered landscape we call self.

This first encounter where his sins were no longer recounted he never forgot but others not so because many forgo gaining the world but losing one’s soul to burdensome weights and soulless estates denying their state.

He came to the realization that much more revitalizing was the glory of HIS story being lived in a Kingdom where its KING ruled with heartfelt love and LOVE itself was the sole object of all hearts without objection.

This mission had no omissions but clearly foretold that both new and old would be Good News to the world and restore what was broken through HIS body that broke, three days in the grave, JESUS now offers the way, and will return any day.

The man lived in community living communally expressing this unity through talks with the TRINITY and life with the family united in CHRIST, preparing HIS Bride, enjoying the ride, not minding the scars but closing his eyes with peace in his mind.

In the END it ended with a ceremonious crowning of crowns placed down before a throne as was thrown his entire being prostrate before a BEING so holy the holiness of the SON blinded the bright sun.

What began was not the beginning but a hint of more to come of a coming GLORY and glorious LIGHT that radiantly lights and reflects HIS reflection on unlikely canvasses of unlikable people…

Like the man who was redeemed and re-purposed, to live for HIS purpose to bring all people from all places a canvassed mosaic of all tribes and all nations.

The man now sits at an eternal banquet, eternally banking on the promises of GOD who promised that he would never thirst or go hungry, for now he is full, experiencing thrills, his hunger forever fulfilled.


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