Get In The Game

It is well known in missions today that hundreds and thousands of people are coming to Christ daily around the world.  Simple churches are multiplying by the minute and Kingdom movements are taking the global South by storm – especially in Asia.  There are more Christians on the globe now than there ever has been in the 2,000 years of Church history!

This type of rapid growth has been researched, documented and coined, “Church Planting Movements” (or CPM’s).   Now a popular buzz word among western church planters – if you haven’t heard it and you’re a church planter you’ve probably been living under a rock.

So what’s the deal with all this hype about CPM’s?  Bottom line, God is doing amazing things in our lifetime and it’s not going to continue forever.  Will you choose to be an active participant or a passive observer?

I’ve never been one to stand on the sidelines.  In fact I hate watching sports because I’d rather be playing it – even though I suck.  Those of you who are true rough riders in your heart know what I’m talkin about.  The wind in your face, tearing up the turf with your cleats, going toe-to-toe with the defense, taking a blow to the head…the adrenaline is unmatched.

Don’t get me wrong there is a legitimate and valuable place for waterboys, cheerleaders, coaches, support staff and even the fans.   But I am speaking directly to those of you with a warrior’s heart, those of you who were called to play the game, to fight the battle. 

Some of you have already been captured by the vision of reaching the world’s remaining people groups.  Some of you are fascinated with it and some are just curious.  But you’re still waiting for something, maybe a voice from heaven.  It’s time to get off you’re a%# soldier and get your head in the game!  Who knows when your arteries will clog and your heart stops from eating too many California burritos?  Who knows when you’ll get run over by that guy tweeting on his IPHONE?  When God moves He moves and He’s not going to wait for you.

God has called you, the Elite, to save souls from the destructive forces of the Halos.  But not everyone is cut out for cross-cultural mission to the remaining people groups of the world.  Did I also mention that there are more persecution and deaths of Christians than ever before in the history of the world?  It might be one the hardest things you will ever do.  But take hold of the prize, the vision birthed in your warrior’s heart, the one that includes every nation, tongue, tribe, language and people giving mad glory to God.

Warrior, what kind of game are you playing?  (Seriously, Call of Duty doesn’t cut it)  Are you fighting to make a Kingdom difference?  If not, it’s time for you to get in the game.

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