Bad Asian Advice

Some Asian parents can sometimes give lame advice. The worst I’ve heard was, “Don’t go around those black people, they will kidnap you and take you away.”  Now that’s just wrong and racist.

Other non racist advice would be: Stay in school.  Get a good career.  Find a stable job.  Go to church.  Those are all good things but extremely lame and largely self-focused.

When Jesus tells us to live by faith there is always an element of risk and danger.  A wise guy with a gnarly beard named Hudson Taylor once said,

 “If there is no element of risk in our exploits (actions) for God, there is no need for faith.” 

He took that seriously and at the age of 21 left a comfortable home in England for rural China to tell people about Jesus.  The year was 1853.

Some of the greatest risk takers in this world are young people.  I know of young people who have shot rival gang members in the face just to earn respect.  That’s a risk taker.  I know of young people who have invaded homes for valuables and stolen cars for fun.  Those are risk takers.  What if Jesus could change a life and allow young people to take risks for the Kingdom of God?

What if our parents said things like:

Give your money to the poor.  Follow God no matter what anyone says.  Sharing Jesus is more important than going to Church.  Take risks for God.

We are all called to live by faith and take risks to some degree and in that instance we step out it is going to be dangerous.  But the God who created the universe is more than able to keep us – I mean seriously, he’s Jesus.

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