The Meeting

Sorry for the incredibly long absence. I haven’t posted in months. No excuses, except one. I’m terribly inconsistent.

I’m not sure what this is below; Spoken Word, Poetry, Improv, a Rap? The first stanza just kept repeating over and over in my mind one day, so I wrote it down. The rest just flowed as I sat down and wrote. It’s a story about a special Meeting.

You’ll notice there are a few words in all CAPS. These are all various names for someone I revere deeply, He goes by many names.

There once was a man who met another MAN and in that exchange he was changed forever and never did he go back to the backwash of that inhospitable and quite formidable self-centered landscape we call Self.

This first encounter where his sins were no longer recounted he never forgot but others not so because many forgo gaining the world but losing one’s soul to burdensome weights and soulless estates denying their state.

He came to the realization that much more revitalizing was the glory of HIS story being lived in a Kingdom where its KING ruled with heartfelt love and LOVE itself was the sole object of all hearts without objection.

In the END it ended with a ceremonious crowning of crowns placed down before a throne as was thrown his entire being prostrate before a BEING so holy the holiness of the SON out shone the shining sun.

What began was not the beginning but only a hint of more to come of a coming GLORY and radiant LIGHT that radiantly beams and reflects without ceasing HIS picture and reflection on unlikely canvasses of unlikely men.

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