Money and Asians

Home Invasion

We’ve come a long way from stashing all our valuables under the mattress or in a safe hidden somewhere in Mom and Dad’s bedroom. That’s how our folks and their folks before them did it for centuries. They keep all the gold, charms, cash and jewelry close by – and then gossiped about how much they had.

Remember the days when Asian would rob Asians? They would invade the home (usually a relative), tie up the family and then force them to give up the stash. I know of at least 2 families who were victimized and 2 criminals who perpetrated.

My cousins were once tied up and robbed shortly after we visited them. Gladly no one was hurt. Another distant relative was shot in the eye and killed on the spot during the home invasion. Another person I once knew poured gasoline on a family and then threatened them with a lighter if they didn’t talk – she’s locked up for a long time.  My distant cousin was part of a home invasion when he was a teenager and ended up killing someone with a knife – he was tried as an adult and now locked up for life.

It’s terrible I know but who’s to say I’m any different than these ruthless criminals.  I’ve done home invasions myself of people I’ve known…I just thank God that no one was ever home. The greatest threats have always come from the people we know and are close by.

So where’s your treasure hidden? If it’s of the Kingdom and in your heart then no one can rob it.

2 thoughts on “Money and Asians

  1. I’m now 56 years-old. I still remembered vividly that my grand-mother left her money in her closet under her clothes. When I wanted some spending money, I would go there took it without asking. Before my mom, the disciplinarian in our family, found out I took the money, my brother had to suffer the consequences that I did. My parents did not give us spending money, so we could save up and go out have good time or buy toys. When we needed money to buy clothes or school supplies, they would give it to us. We did not get money for the toys like our friends. After I came to the US, when went to First Baptist Church, Amarillo, Texas, l accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior and learned that from discipleship classes, there was a way how to deal with the money properly, so my kids did not have to still like me. By the time they knew what the money was for, I gave them allowances: a quarter for the church, one quarter for saving, and the last quarter for spending without any conditions. Do we have the perfect kids? No, they still pay overdraft fees, because they have to make their own decisions which I cannot make it for them. (Eccl 11:9-12:14) God bless!

    • Thanks for your great story Bounheng! It’s good to reminisce together.

      I am encouraged to see how our stories come full circle. You are showing me how to practically apply our new Kingdom values. It’s not that we are throwing away the old traditions but we are seeing value in living according to Biblical principles.

      Even if your kids still pay overdraft fees you have taught them how to be responsible. Your kids are going to be RICH for it – in every sense of the word.

      Peace Brotha!

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