A Vision for Missional Living


In our part of the world travel is determined by the weather. No matter how much we plan and prepare our trips can be cut short by the onslaught of monsoons, washed out roads, flooded paths and knee deep mud. In the dry season we are faced with clouds of dust that cake our motorcycle helmets and low rivers where we have to get out and pull our boats. Nonetheless, we are determined to get to our destination because we are driven by our vision for discipleship.

But making disciples is only part of the vision.

Our disciple-making is only effective if people are obedient to Jesus. Because beyond the next valley are thousands more lost people in dozens more villages. So we sit in thatched houses with our sweat soaked shirts helping entire families memorize Biblical stories. We share meals, struggles, prayers and care for one another’s children. We share the burden of persecution and take risks together as we enter new fields where nothing has been sown. We are determined to make disciples because we are driven by our vision for churches.

But planting churches is only part of the vision.

Our church planting is only effective if we are imparting the DNA of mission. One church is not enough to reach thousands of people. So we do away with buildings and meet together in rice fields, guesthouses and even boats. We invest in leaders who are faithful, teachable, obedient, illiterate, unskilled, unlearned, and sinful. We struggle with learning multiple languages, working with limited resources, and engaging in spiritual warfare. We try to live missional lives practicing everything we teach. We are determined to plant churches because we are driven by our vision for all peoples.

But reaching every people group on earth is only part of the vision.

Our missional work is only meaningful through the Gospel’s redeeming power. Our ability to worship and be satisfied in God comes through the cross. So we repent of our sin and humbly put our lives under the Kingship of Jesus. His death and resurrection is the great news that we seek to share. We struggle to find simple and contextualized ways to share this message with those that have never heard. We are bearers of his image, sacrificing family and friends to bring his worship to every place on earth. We are determined to reach every people on earth because we are driven by our vision for God’s glory.

The only complete vision worth living for is God’s undying fame, majesty and glory. What’s yours?

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